Anxiety is an issue that effects most of us at some point in our lives. Our tendency to play down its importance and try to 'tough it out' but this can often make things worse. Sometimes an enduring memory from childhood is an extreme example of how anxiety can affect us. It could be fear of an accident, or fear of being alone, or even something seemingly benign which has a strong effect upon us.

Whatever the cause a response to anxiety can be extremely frightening, debilitating and make a huge impact upon our daily life and we may end up isolating ourselves from friends and family. Most people will experience an increasingly present feeling of unease in our stomach which from time to time it will well up in waves and make itself felt with a malevolent darkness that is unmistakable. From the point of view of hypnotherapy, we often see a trigger of some type, and a response to it and the hypnotherapists job is to try to uncouple those two elements.

Long term medication or an alternative approach?

The modern solution to anxiety is often to prescribe an antidepressant. Let's think about that for a moment. Firstly, many anti depressants are now known to actually have a side effect of causing anxiety. Secondly, this is a prime example of treating the symptom rather than the problem (i.e. we're not worried why you are experiencing anxiety, we'll just make you feel better about it'). Thirdly, most doctors don’t know how long you'll stay on the medication, what the side effects will be, or even why they work.

Hypnotherapy can help

So, why try hypnotherapy? Firstly, hypnotherapists try and find the root cause of the problem and secondly, it's generally accepted that anxiety is a psychological issue and Hypnosis works on that level. Why should a pharmaceutical solution that does not address the root cause, solve a psychological problem?


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