Initial Consultation

Following a consultation to find out the exact nature of your problem, an individual treatment plan will be written, tailored to your needs. The actual treatment starts when the natural relaxed hypnotic state is induced and with the skilful guidance of the therapist you are helped and encouraged to make the necessary changes within your subconscious mind to affect the positive results you want to achieve. All doubts, fears and misconceptions are discussed in order for the therapy to work.

 Every client's pre-induction talk will be different, but each will be delivered in a warm, friendly manner.

Suggestibility Test

I will carry out a Suggestibility Test to see how responsive you are to hypnosis which may involve asking you to visualise certain things. We are all different some people can't visualise because their representational system is more auditory or kinaesthetically inclined, just try to remember or think about or sense the things I am saying.

Hypnotherapy Explained

A full explanation is given of hypnotherapy and what it entails as very often people know very little (although most have seen stage hypnosis), but clinical hypnotherapy is not the same thing.

With hypnotherapy you are aware of everything the whole of the time, you may, or may not, be able to remember everything afterwards - but at the time you will hear everything that is said.

 We are all different - some people go into a very deep trance and remember nothing at all afterwards, others remain in a light trance, but both work equally well. However more often than not people drift into different levels of conscious awareness and remember parts of the experience.

 You can never be made to say, or do, anything you don't want to - and if I or anyone else were to give you suggestions that you didn't morally approve of - you would come out of hypnosis. You will never give away any secrets or be made to act in any derogatory way as you are in control, but at the same time you are also very deeply relaxed.

During this relaxed state your subconscious mind is open and receptive to the suggestions given to you providing they are the suggestions that you consciously want to take effect. You will be able to hear everything during the hypnosis session, you'll be aware of outside noises and movements which is perfectly normal because you are in a heightened state of awareness whilst in hypnosis.

After the hypnosis session the only differences you may be aware of is that you feel more relaxed than usual and in subsequent sessions you will feel differently about whatever you are being treated for.

Hypnotherapy sessions can have lasting effects

Regular hypnotherapy sessions can have lasting effects and be life changing in a number of ways it can help you break bad habits, improve your self-confidence, improve your relationships, achieve your goals, improve the way you think and improve your mental and physical health.

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