Weight Loss Tips

If you're overweight, you could be feeling tired, breathless, isolated, unable to cope with sudden physical activity, suffer from joint pain and lack self-confidence. You might dislike the way you look because you are carrying those extra pounds; well help is at hand by following this weight loss guide. 

It’s important to have awareness of which foods contain more calories

It’s important to have awareness of which foods contain more calories

With fast foods easily and ready available it is easy to take on board far more calories than we need. Few people actually know their daily calorie intake or how many calories the body needs to remain fit and healthy.  3,500 calories equals one pound of fat and although you do not need to count the calories in everything you eat, it is important to have awareness and understanding of which foods contain more calories so you can avoid them.   

 We often perceive dieting as a form of starvation because our bodies have become accustomed to large quantities of food and calories but we can use the power of our minds to influence our desire for too much food. Hypnotherapy can assist someone to develop the power of their mind and help lose weight.

 The first step is to make the conscious decision to lose weight and then make sure you stick to it. The occasional slip up and over indulgence might happen, but don't worry, beat yourself up or feel guilty – just get back on track.You should set a realistic goal and don't aim to lose weight too fast. Rapid weight loss usually means it will return quickly and apparently 90% of those who follow the latest ‘fad diet’ regain the lost weight as soon as they stop dieting. A healthy weight depends on a healthy way of life.

Organising your eating habits is important in tackling weight loss, snacking between meals or eating late at night must be eliminated. A useful way to identify and record your eating habits is to keep a daily log and aim to last at least three hours between meals. 

 You will be able to tell your changed eating habits are working when your clothes begin to feel loose so don't become obsessed with your scales.

 Some level of exercise such as a brisk, ten minute walk every day, cycling, dancing or swimming coupled with a healthier diet will help but a gruelling gym session is not necessary as any increased movement will help your general fitness level.

 Drinking a glass of cold water before each main meal will help to shrink your stomach thereby making you less hungry plus it will also help flush toxins from your body.