WHAT IS hypnotherapy, HOW IT WORKS and why use it?

Hypnotherapy - a natural remedy

Research has demonstrated that thoughts and emotions directly affect our health and well-being. Hypnosis is a powerful, scientifically proven self-help method that allows you to create a fulfilling and healthy life.

It is completely natural and safe, simple, effective, rapid and powerful and unlike many medications, there are no harmful side effects. When administered by a professionally trained therapist the benefits can be very quick, positive and life changing, but will only work if the client co-operates fully with the process, no-one can be hypnotised against their will or manipulated by a hypnotherapist. You will always remain in control.

Positive suggestions replace negative thoughts

Unlike TV shows you may have seen, you will not be put into some sort of trance where you are no longer in control of your actions. You will be deeply relaxed, but aware of what is happening the whole of the time. You are not asleep, but in an altered state of awareness, a pleasant state of deep relaxation which enables beneficial, positive suggestions to be readily accepted into the subconscious mind replacing negative, harmful or unwanted thought processes with more helpful and empowering ones. Just one session can give immediate results for a variety of symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, alternative therapy and for many people whilst it is not the first treatment they think about when looking for help with a certain condition or to provide support at a certain stage of their life, it is a safe and completely natural way of engaging the power of your own to mind to create the changes you desire. In many cases it is seen as a last resort as many clients may have tried medication and other forms of therapy first without any success before deciding to give hypnotherapy a try. Most people need fewer than six 1 hour sessions to achieve their goals.

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